‘Tale As Old As Time’ – Learning To Love Your Art.

Hey Crafty People!

I had SO MUCH fun playing with this month’s Alex Syberia release and I’ve already posted a few of the cards that I made with it but I’ve got a bonus design that I honestly just made for myself!! I am a HUGE Beauty & The Beast fan and I’ve got quite a few collectibles & ornaments, so I’m not gonna lie; this is going up on my craft room wall!!

Maybe it is just me, but I feel like I shouldn’t say that I like something I’ve made; that it would sound arrogant somehow. It took me months of making before I would even sign my work, but why shouldn’t we be proud of what we have created?

Everything I create comes from my heart; it is born from my passion and the art of crafting is my therapy. So I am determined to work against this conditioning that we must never say we love something we have made; I have worked hard to teach my body to do what my brain asks of it and I am proud of everything I create because I know how hard it was to get where I am today.

Plus, I REALLY love Beauty & The Beast!

I made the Bell jar shape on Silhouette Studio and added a swirling filigree and snow flake cut file that I purchased on the Design Store (link below). It took me a while to get the full cut file to a point that I was happy with it, and it was all just a case of experimenting and messing with it until I got the look that I was after.

I once I was happy with it I cut it from Vellum, which I glued onto an acetate sheet. Then I made another cut file by offsetting the outer parameter of the jar, and adding this into a 4.75×6.75 inch rectangle; this gave me a card panel cut with an opening slightly larger than that of the vellum so that it could sit over it but still show a border of the vellum.

I cut this 5x out of a dark navy heavy cardstock, so that I would have 1 to sit on top of my acetate & vellum and I could stack up the other 4 to sit behind it, creating a shaker panel.

I typed my sentiment and used Silhouette software to trace it and create the sketch line, then I offset the outer of entire sentiment to create a cut file; this meant that my Cameo 4 wrote the sentiment for me, in a silver sketch pen, then cut it out.

I took inspiration from the rose and jar out of the live action BATB that came out in 2017, I absolutely love the aesthetic of this version.

I wanted to capture the light that seems to come from the jar & rose itself, so I blended some Distress Oxide onto the top navy panel. I used Salty Ocean to blend over the edges of the jar and then I added some Chipped Sapphire onto the outer edges of the panel itself; this gives the area around the jar the appearance of being illuminated. At the same time, I also blended the lighter Oxides over one of the inside jar pieces, so that I could use this as a background for my jar.

I spritzed a little pearlised water over both pieces, (this is just a mixture of water and perfect pearls that I make up in a mini spritzing bottle, it gives amazing coverage and shine!

I printed off the Dreamy Rose image from Alex’s latest release onto Neenah 80lb, and I coloured it with my favourite red Copic blend. I used the same method that I always do; mapping out my shadows first by adding the darkest colour to the base of each petal and anywhere that a petal is sitting on top of another one. Then I add my lightest colour to the highlight areas, this is just the easiest way I find for me, personally. I then add the colour in the space between, using 2-3 colours to slowly transition between my darkest & lightest shades. I also printed and coloured 4 additional petals.

Once I was happy with the flower itself, I added the colour to the stem using the same principles as with the flower.

I glued my Rose onto the background piece, then added 2 petals to look as though they were falling down from the Rose. Once the glue had thoroughly dried I added some clear sparkle hearts from my stash and sealed the shaker panel.

I glued another petal on the front to look as thought it had fallen and was resting on my sentiment. I added a few sparkling clear confetti sequins then I attached the entire panel onto a 5x7inch kraft card base!

This photo angle really shows off the beautiful shimmer you get from using that pearlised water! I’m really quite proud of this one, and I will love seeing it on my wall; and right now that’s the most important thing to me.

I’m really interested to know how you feel about your own art? Do you like the things you make, and do you feel comfortable saying what you are proud of? And, do you sign your work? Drop me a comment below to join in the conversation!

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  • Gemini Jr die cutting machine
  • Silhouette Cameo 4

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