Progressive Card Designing – Stepping Up A Simple Design AECP Level 3 Post 5

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For my last Level 3 class I chose Progressive Cardmaking from Justine Hovey; there are so many amazing classes on Altenew Academy so it’s really tough to choose which ones to do. I did try to choose a mixture of classes that I was inexperienced in, (eg. mixed media & Zentangling,) and classes that will help my professional development, and this class is definitely one that falls into that second category!

I wanted to practice creating designs and using techniques that are accessible to everyone, no matter their skill level & experience. I am passionate about helping others connect to & explore their own creativity and that is true no matter their skill level.

For this class I focussed on techniques that could be accessible to someone who has limited experience and then could be ‘stepped up’ to build upon those skills.

I’ve created a video with three ‘mini classes’ to create the three cards that I’m sharing today, and showcasing ways to step up your card designs using different products & techniques.

Professional & Personal Development

I absolutely love creating detailed, ‘show stopper’ cards and I admit that sometimes I do spend extended periods of time working on specific projects, but I think it is also so important to show less experienced crafters that they can work up to those levels.

When I first began crafting, I remember looking at the AMAZING work I would see on Instagram and thinking that there was no way at all I could ever compete or create anything near to it. Through hard work and practice I am confident that I am in a completely different place today than I was a year ago, so now I look forward one year and excitedly ask, ‘where will I be then?’

One year ago today, I posted this photo of a card that I had made. The sentiment is by Altenew, in fact I believe this may have been my first Altenew stamp. I remember being so proud of this card, and although I would do things differently now, I am still proud of it because it represents my growth as an artist.

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