Colouring Black Images | Two Minute Tip

Hey Crafty People!

I had the panel already set out from my ink blended version, so I just printed a second one out and cut it down to be 4×5.25 inches.

I grabbed various Copic markers and coloured the Puffins in really simply.

C5 & C7 are both cool greys and I used these for the darker portions of the Puffins feathers; if you use black then you will have no way to add any shadows onto that because it is all as dark as it gets. Even black things will have highlights and shadows, so using very dark greys give the appearance of black, but in a much more natural way.

I used warm greys to add some shadow to the white parts of their feathers, then some really quick colour to the feet & beaks; they are really small so I didn’t worry too much about shadows there.

I added some very light blue to the edges of the Puffins, flicking that colour out away from them; this just gives them a little sky round them and helps make it seem a little less strange to just have two Puffins floating there. 😂

I added Silver Fab Foil to the sentiment, leaving the border and images without any foil.

I added the panel to an a2 card base.

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