Finding Renewed Inspiration in Your ‘Leftovers’ Bin | Squirrels Gone Nutz January

Hey Crafty People!

Throughout last year, I took part in a monthly hop that encouraged us to go out of our comfort zone a little, and actually use some of the items we keep in our ever growing stash. I really enjoyed taking part in the hop and I was so excited when the squirrels who created it, asked me if I’d like to join a smaller, much more manageable hop in 2021.

You may be querying the whole Squirrel thing, (trust me it’s a thing) and it comes from a shared affinity for the adorably scatter brained cutie pies!!! So Karen, V, Anna & Marie started calling themselves The Squirrel Sisters! ??

Now, myself, Boryana & Lounon have been asked to become honorary squirrels; a title for which I shall afford the deference it requires. ?

So now, I’ve got the perfect impetus to actually use my stash this year, and I can’t wait!!

Each month we will choose a theme for our cards along with a supply that we don’t use, even though we have it and it’s awesome!!!

We’re kicking off our year of fun with the theme ‘New Anything’ and our chosen supply is anything that we’ve made previously but never ended up in its forever home.

So I grabbed out my ridiculous horde of backgrounds, images, die cuts and sentiments that I ran out of inspiration for, and so cast aside.

I searched through everything but I was struggling to find that spark of inspiration and I was also beginning to realise that I don’t really have anything to fit the theme. I was just about to pack it all away again and grab one of the many other projects that I have forming a not so orderly queue at the side of my desk, when I suddenly saw this sentiment! It’s one I printed onto acetate and then foiled with Silver Fab Foil from WOW!

It may be stretching the theme sliiiightly, but I have a plan because a) it says new lots of times to be fair and b) I’m including a picture of a squirrel here in the hopes of distracting you long enough to get you to forget! ???

Along with the sentiment, I had a scrap of the peachy coloured cardstock on my desk and I really liked how that looked against my sentiment so I knew that was the colour scheme I wanted to stick with.

I also had this flower, which is a digital stamp from Graciellie Design; I had started to colour it months ago and I stopped after less than a petal because I didn’t think it was any good. I had used a really pale pink, so I knew I could work that to the peachy pink I wanted for this project.

I always say that if you don’t like something whilst colouring it you should still finish because the chances are that by the time you’ve finished it you will actually love it! Plus, even if you don’t, it’s a really great opportunity to learn and improve!

I say this, but I clearly don’t always take my own advice! ?

Once I had coloured all of the petals in Copic markers, I added some additional colour with my Arteza coloured pencils. I love doing this over the top of markers; it’s crazy how much additional depth it gives your colouring!!!

I used two pieces of washi tape from Altenew to run along either edge of the peachy/pink cardstock background piece; I really love the little extra detail it gives to the background.

I added the coloured image, sentiment and background strip onto a slimline card base, finishing the design off with some of the Satin White sequins from Altenew.

I absolutely LOVE the finished card! I’m so happy that I continued the colouring on that beautiful floral image, so glad that I didn’t just throw it away all those months ago! Through this hop, I was able to breathe new inspiration into old pieces which is just so satisfying!

As I’ve already mentioned, this is a hop so your next stop is the wonderful Anna. Please do stop by and show her some love, it is well & truly deserved. ?

Thank you so much for stopping by today, if you’re new here then I hope that you will consider subscribing.

Have a lovely, happy, safe, WONDERFUL week.

Stay Crafty!

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20 thoughts on “Finding Renewed Inspiration in Your ‘Leftovers’ Bin | Squirrels Gone Nutz January

  1. Tasha, I am busting up!!! ????? And your card is beautiful! Marie also took a spin on the “new” so I think you are safe!!! ? I’m so freaking glad you agreed to do this! You just made my day with your post!

    1. Bahahahahah!!!!
      I cackled my way through making it! ???
      I was just like ‘this says new, it says new a LOT, this totally works…squirrel!’ ????????

  2. Your card is so beautiful ! Love the color scheme ! And it perfectly fits the theme (and I ‘m not saying that because of this adorable squirrel ? )

  3. Tasha, this card is so gorgeous ?! I’m glad you kept going and made it till the end! Love the peachy color! It was fun reading your post and seeing that cute little squirrel ?

  4. You are cracking me up! I def appreciate the surprise squirrel pic! But this card is breathtaking!!!! And I agree with your analysis of the “new “ sentiment! I’m so glad you’re hopping along with us!!!!

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed my post and card!! ?
      You are too kind! ???
      Thank you my friend ?

      I’m so glad to be hopping along with you all too! Thank you for having me! ?

  5. Ok I must admit I was a little distracted by that adorable squirrel. But not distracted enough to notice your absolutely gorgeous creation!! Jaw-droppingly perfect!! I’m so glad you are part of our squirrel squad! I’m so looking forward to hopping along with you!

    1. You are too kind, sweet friend!! ???
      Thank you so much ?
      That squirrel is rather adorable though isn’t he ??

      I’m so happy you asked me to be a part of this! Inspiration, giggles & friendship = perfect! ?

  6. Yes, Tasha, this is definitely a perfect fit for our theme this month! And it turned out so beautiful! I’m so glad you were able to finally find that inspiration you needed…SQUIRREL! 🙂

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