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Hey Crafty People!

I’ve started posting How To/Quick Tips/Product Testing videos on a Wednesday! I’m really excited about them and so far I have posted two videos, but I completely forgot to post them on here! Oooops!
So, here are the first two videos in my series and you can come back every Wednesday to watch my latest video!

How To: Requests!

Is there a job/task/product you would love for me to include in this series? Maybe you have been putting some crafty task off, because you just aren’t sure how to do it? Or, a product that you want to see tested? Well, let me know in the comments and I will add it to my list of videos!

Next Week…

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Have a lovely, happy, safe, WONDERFUL week.

Stay Crafty!

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Please be aware:

As part of my Design Team and Guest Design work I do often receive free products to use, but I only ever recommend products that I genuinely love.

Also, I know how incredibly lucky I am to have these opportunities, but you don’t always NEED the newest products or the ‘full set’.
So please don’t feel that you need everything.
I like to show a variety of brands and products; this way; this way there will be something for everybody to enjoy.

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