Branching Out Into Home Decor | A Crafty Youtube Collaborations Hop

Hey Crafty People!

Today I’m really excited to be part of a Youtube Hop which REALLY pushed me out of my comfort zone! We were each tasked with making a piece of Home Decor, using items that can be bought at ‘cheap shops’ as we would say here. (*Dollar Store/Poundland/Discount Stores etc.)

I have had this wooden plaque forever; I bought it from B&M, which is a discount store we have over here in the UK. I know that’s where I got it because there is a sticker on the back that handily tells me! ha!

I used a few other supplies from discount stores we have here, including The Works, and because we are still in full lockdown here I couldn’t go out to get any other supplies! So, I used a few supplies that I have which are all low priced items and could be easily substituted for anything you have in your own stash!

I made my finished piece as artwork for my craft room and I absolutely LOVE IT!

The quote that’s on there is from a Taylor Swift song, called Long Story Short from her latest album, Evermore. If you haven’t heard it yet, I HIGHLY recommend you give it a listen!

The lyric really spoke to me, because despite my chronic illness, and the many obstacles I have faced, it’s true; I survived.

It’s a great motivational piece of art that means so much to me and it’s now sitting on my craft desk bringing me joy!

Nothing feels better than taking a pile of unused items and transforming them into something beautiful that brings you joy?!

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