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So, today is a special day as we commence Squirrels Gone Nutz in May.
If I’m entirely honest, I’m feeling a little deflated right now. No specific reason, I’m just like ‘gah!’ at, like, everything I see. ?? So this going to be a SUPER quick post, then I shall hand you to the very talented hands of

I wanted to use the new Catherine Pooler inks, and there are four in a set, so I split them into two camps ready for an epic ink blending, masculine birthday cards!

Or, more accurately, I blended two panels of a2 cardstock; one in Tranquil, the other in Sea Glass.

Then I stamped this Julie Hickey background stamp over the top, using Cove Blue on the Tranquil panel and Bay Breeze over Sea Glass.

For my sentiment, I cut the word Happy out, twice, using Julie Hickey’s lower case Alpha die set, then I added embossing onto each set.

I used Silver Ultra High for my blue card, and I actually embossed these twice so that I would have a really thick, sturdy sentiment.

For the Sea Glass panel I first pressed the letter into the Bay Breeze ink pad, so that it was nicely coloured all over. Then I added Karin’s Dream embossing powder, which is ultra high clear and gold. Absolutely beautiful embossing poeder.

I grabbed two Happy Birthday sentiment strips from my stash, I printed them onto Vellum, and cut them ages ago.

So, that is my post for this month, I will be back soon with more crafty inspiration, but in the meantime, head over to my wonderfully talented friend, Marie. ?

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6 thoughts on “Masculine Birthday Cards | CP New Inks | Squirrels

  1. Tasha, I love your cards and I think they are perfect for guys, who quite frankly could care less if they even *get* a card and certainly appreciate a no frills look when they do get one! The silver embossed sentiment will probably even get a respectful nod of approval. ? And girl, I feel you. I’ve been feeling very “meh” lately about crafting, and everything really. I think its just the recent health scare robbing me of joy but its hard to tell when all I feel is “meh”. The last time I battled this, I went on a 4 year crafting hiatus and it was really tough coming back, learning all the new techniques, feeling so rusty at everything. I had to ease back in without expectations of finishing anything. I’m hoping that I can employ that now too. Just do something. Color, cut strips or card panels, make backgrounds, fold card bases… anything. Just do something crafty. Now I just need someone to remind me, especially on those days when the “funk” is bad. ?

  2. I’m so sorry you are feeling “meh”- I get that way sometimes too so you are definitely not alone! I truly admire you, that inspite of how you feel you manage to soldier on and create such wonderful cards! You are an inspiration!

  3. I hope your “meh” feeling goes away soon, I think we all have that feeling now and again! Your cards are wonderful! Keep smiling! ?

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