Ehlers Danlos & Hypermobility Spectrum Awareness IG Hop 2020 – HUGE Giveaway!

Hey Crafty People!

I have hEDS.

Earlier this week I talked about some of the story surrounding my journey to diagnosis (you can check that out here) and that one of the main barriers to diagnosis is the lack of awareness & understanding of what this range of illnesses really are.

There are two websites jam packed with information about the symptoms, impact & treatment, they even have all of the diagnostic information you could take along to your Doctor.

The Ehlers Danlos Society | Ehlers Danlos UK | Fundraising for EDS Research

This is my card for our hop, I’ve written a second post that includes more photos and details how I made it, along with a bonus card. Check that out here!


I wanted to do my bit to raise awareness of the myriad of symptoms that are all too often left to progress to completely life altering levels because no-one sees that link between them all. The more awareness about this, the more likely that your Dr will have it in mind when he sees your rather epic medical notes. The more likely it is that someone with a whole host of different health problems will find the information that they need to take to their Dr.

EDS/HSD isn’t curable, but it is treatable and the earlier you receive the treatment and support you need the better your quality of life.

I invited some of my wonderful crafty friends to join me in trying to raise awareness, and the crafty community knocked it outta the park with their response!!

We have joined together for a MEGA giveaway & Instagram Hop; we have some SERIOUSLY amazing prizes along with artwork from some SERIOUSLY talented crafters!! All you need to do is head over to Instagram and follow the link in each post liking & commenting on your way. The winners will be chosen from the comments on all of the posts, so the more you comment the better your chances of winning!

I am the first stop on the hop, so just keep hopping until you find your way back to me so you know you have hit every post. You don’t have to follow the participants, but check out their work and if you like what you see then I know they would all appreciate you giving them a follow and don’t forget to tag your friends (1 to a comment) so that they find us too!

You can jump straight to my post by clicking the competition graphic below, enjoy, spread the love and spread the awareness crafty people! Good luck!!!

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  1. I am so incredibly proud of you! I’m thankful to have you as a friend Nd to stand with you to raise awareness!!!!!! ????????

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