Flare ups and downs…

So I’m not feeling too great right now, I’m typing this out on my phone in bed because I’m having one of those days where I don’t actually know what is hurting the most, and I want to keep movement down to an absolute minimum in an effort not to find out.

If I were to hazard a guess at this very moment I would say my head; I’ve got the joy of a lovely middle ear infection to contend with at the moment, and even though I’ve been on the antibiotics for 2 days now I’m struggling to manage the pain.

I’m not sure if the ear infection is getting worse or if it has aggravated my Fibro causing some pretty severe pain and numbness right across the left side of my face & neck.

Coupled with the flare I’m currently experiencing in my legs, hips, wrists and back I’m not feeling too great right now. (Have I ever mentioned my use of sarcasm as a defense mechanism? Even if I’m defending myself from a war raging inside. It’s really great, you’ll love it!)

Either way I don’t think I’ll manage much crafting any time soon. Which will just make the whole thing so much harder to deal with. Without that as an emotion funnel for my BPD these extended stints locked in my bed are not good for my mental health at all.

How do you deal with a major flare? I’d love to get your opinions on surviving the worst times without losing my damn mind.

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Either way, thanks for making it this far!


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