Creative Journeys

The creative journey that I’ve been on to get to where I am now has been somewhat winding; for the longest time I was sure that I had no ability to bring the ideas I could imagine into a finished project. I would look at things that other people create and marvel at how anyone could even begin learning how to do it. Surely they had learnt their craft with an art degree and years of practice, starting in school. But whilst practice is without a doubt the most important part of the journey, you can take that first step at any time in your life! It is never too late to pick up a new hobby, or expand a current one.

One of the main reasons that I wanted to start this blog is to document and share my own creative journey and the way that living with chronic illness affects the lives of my family & I.

I have found so much inspiration in the wonderful crafting communities that have grown on sites like YouTube, Pinterest & Instagram. And I have loved sharing my own creations too, in the hopes that maybe I might inspire someone else to explore their own creativity.

I am going to separate my posts so that it’s easy to see whether they are about craft projects, techniques & examples or life dealing with chronic illness & pain.

I would be so grateful if you read my thoughts on either one or both of these subjects and of course I would love it if you would think about subscribing to my blog and checking my work out on Instagram.

Thanks for reading, love T.

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