Fun in the (sort of) Sun?

This week we are enjoying some fun & relaxation in North Wales.

The Sun keeps threatening to show its face, but in typical British style it has spent most of the day hiding behind a blanket of clouds.

I don’t mind all that much, it gives me an excuse for rocking my favourite hoody, a Taylor Swift Reputation Tour slouchy one, which always makes me feel safe somehow.

It would be easy to sit here feeling angry that I aren’t down on the beach running in & out of the sea with my wonderful girls & hubby.

I could be a ball of jealousy and negative energy, and truthfully sometimes I am, but not today.

Today I am sitting, enjoying a really good cup of coffee, on a pub balcony which looks out onto the beach.

I can see my family playing together.

I can hear their laughter.

Yes, I might not be running with them, but I am sitting here watching these 3 wonderful people who I am lucky enough to call mine.

Today is a good day.

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