Mixing Embossing Powders For Custom Effects | WOW! Feb Challenge | Coffee Break

Hey Crafty People!

Today I have two cards to share, both are inspiration for this month’s challenge over at WOW, which is ‘Coffee Break’ this month. I also made a card for the challenge announcement video, which you can check out here.

Don’t feel confined to only making a card with a coffee mug on though! You can interpret this challenge in a multitude of ways! For example, for my cards today I was inspired by the two most important ladies in my life with whom I love to share a cup of coffee.

Card 1 – Mixing/Playing with Embossing Powders!

I had SO MUCH FUN mixing up EPs to get several different coloured stripes for this first card! You can see how I go about mixing them in the video, and I really didn’t do any *precise* measuring, but I will list roughly how many scoops of each made up each mix. (I did also overlap each one, so you also get stripes of the different mixes layered up which gives additional colours!)

  • Judith’s Blush
  • 2.5 Judith’s Blush + 2 Sheen (Changers)
  • Remaining mixture + 0.5 Judith’s Blush + 1 Metallic Gold Sparkle
  • Judith’s Blush
  • Lines of Metallic Gold Sparkle

You can see that adding the Sheen to Judith’s Blush lightens the colour considerably’ this can be changed by adjusting the mixture, so you can really extend every powder you own by combining/mixing/playing!!

PRO TIP! If you are going to play with mixing your own custom powders, there are a few tips that you really need to keep in mind.

  • You can purchase the empty jars from WOW! They treat their jars to give them anti static properties, so they are the best possible thing to store/mix your powders in.
  • For the same anti-static reasons, you should use a metal spoon to scoop your powder; never use plastic.

Card 2 – Mark Making On Patterned Paper

Another way to change the effect you get from your powders, is to simply alter the surface they are embossed onto; a powder like Karin’s Dream which is partially made up of clear EP will look vastly different on coloured or even patterned paper!

Here, I added it over some patterned paper from my stash and the effect is so different than on white cardstock. Any powders that have a (T) on the label are translucent, so they will look different on different colours; This is a super easy way to customise your effects.

I was super inspired by Amber, from the Creative Team, and her recent experiments with using the different tools to play with simple mark making.

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